Jonas Boel Koefoed

Hello! My name is as seen above Jonas, this site is all about me showing you what i can do, and hopefully impress you so much that you might want to hire me.

Im a newly educated Web Integrator, and 3D artist. Much of what i do is coding websites like this one and filling it up with all creative ideas, my own and others ideas as well.
In short, if you have an idea and is missing someone to realize that dream and idea then i can help you make that idea come to life.

My education allows me to be able to make all sorts of things digitally, and alot more.

Such as.

3D Modeling.
3D Animation
3D Printing
HighPoly Modeling
Visual Effects
Video Editing
Sound Editing
Web Development
Html Programming
C# Coding

And so on and so on . .